Harry Wynn's Webpage

20+ years in the software game, currently focused on development with Angular/Node/Express/MySQL/SQL Server and tying it all together with data warehousing visualizations via Metabase.



Emails you to check in at the frequency you choose. No response triggers a message to your set list of contacts.

Gluten Free Recipes

Relatively easy to make gluten free recipes without unnecessary content bloat.



Blogger Template Contest

They called it "Sugar Ranch" and was a selectable template for all users.

PSP Shuffle

Windows application for automatically filling your SD card with media files. Featured in Extreme Tech's "Hacking the PSP".

Penn State Alumni Chapter

I started the Myrtle Beach Chapter and had an article written about it in the Penn Stater.

New & Noteworthy

My Google Reader iOS app Readlines hit "New and Noteworthy" on 2/12/2011. I hear RSS is making a comeback

Remote Habits Interview

I started working remotely 10 years ahead of the curve. Read about it here.